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No matter how old your child is - an infant, a toddler, a teen, an adult - the role you play in your child's life as their parent is unlike that of anyone else. In fact, the relationship between a parent and a child is entirely unique, and this remains true throughout the lifespan. No pressure, right?!


As parents, we have an important choice to make each day:

"Am I going to prioritize my child, or am I going to put them and our relationship on the back burner and just hope for the best?"


When we "hope for the best" while parenting our children in a society that has conditioned us to be so utterly detached from what our children truly need to thrive, we ultimately opt to give them the pieces of ourselves that are still aching from our own childhoods. In other words, what we do not actively examine within ourselves, we passively leave as an inheritance for our children.

I would love the opportunity to support you in your parenting journey, wherever you may be. To get started, please click here.

Areas of Support

  • Parenting while healing childhood pain

  • Shifting to respectful parenting

  • Mending relationships with adult children

  • Estranged adult children

  • Child development awareness

  • Navigating extended family concerns

  • Parenting tweens/teens confidently

  • Navigating new siblings/sibling rivalry

  • Adoption/guardianship

  • Parenting children living with trauma

  • Divorce/separation/blended families

  • Navigating "screen time"/social media use

  • Circumcision regret

  • Parenting after traumatic birth

  • Parenting after pregnancy/child loss

  • Exiting mainstream schooling

  • Self-directed education/unschooling

  • Parenting while grieving

  • Navigating bullying/painful peers

  • And many more...


Single Session ~ $195

  • 1 - 60 minute private session via video or phone call

  • 1-year subscription to my secret, members-only Facebook group

Deep Dive Package ~ $1350

  • 7 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call

  • Text/email support between private sessions

  • Lifetime access to my secret, members-only Facebook group

Immersive Package ~ $3450

  • 20 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call 

  • Text/email support between private sessions

  • Lifetime access to my secret, members-only Facebook group

  • 3 20-minute phone calls to be used as needed during our time together


Parent/Child Package ~ $1450

  • Designed to facilitate healing between parents and adult/teen children

  • 1 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call with adult/teen child

  • 1 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call with parent

  • 5 60-minute joint sessions via video or phone call with adult/teen child and parent

  • Confidential, individual text/email support between private/joint sessions for adult/teen child and parent

  • Lifetime access to my secret, members-only Facebook group for both clients

*Accommodations available by request.

What to Expect

First Steps: After you fill out this awesome form, I will reach out to you to schedule your free 30 - minute consult. This consult is held over video call or by phone, whichever you prefer (accommodations available upon request). This is a great time to ask me any questions you might have and to get a feel for what working with me is like before you commit your time and your resources to working with me.


Next Steps: From here, you will get to decide how I can best serve you - a single session or a multi-session package with between session text-support - instead of posting your questions in a group on Facebook, you can just text me.


Where: Your sessions will be held via video call or phone from wherever you happen to be - PJs welcome, shoes completely optional. I meet with clients while they are in their offices, in their cars, on their couches, in their backyards, and even while their babies are napping down the hall.


How Long: Sessions run for 1 hour. The WHOLE hour. None of that icky stuff where I call it an hour but kick you out early.

When: What works best for you? To accommodate my clients all around the globe, I offer sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening, depending on the individual day. When I meet with clients across the ocean, sometimes one of us is just starting the day or about to head to bed. 


Cancellation Policy: I don't have one. If you need to cancel your session with me, please go right ahead and cancel your session. Life happens. I get it. I want you free to live your life without worrying about me or late fees. We can reschedule your session at a time that works better for you - no questions asked, no problem at all.


Emergency Support: If you purchase a coaching package, I do my very best to accommodate requests for emergency sessions. I am typically able to schedule these within 48 hours of request.