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I have the privilege of supporting people from all around the globe in their efforts to attain deep, life-changing healing for their mother wounds.


My clients are individuals, parents, couples, parent-child pairs, teens, creatives, entrepreneurs, social change agents, therapists, and leaders who seek me out for my expertise in the mother wound.


While my clients' stories are all unique, they are united in their desire to end harmful cycles within themselves, their families, their organizations, and our society itself. In other words, they are the people who are moving our world forward in a healthier, more positive, more loving direction, and I am incredibly honored to know them.

My approach can best be described as client-centered, deeply empathic, and rooted in my belief that we live in a broken society that consistently pits us against ourselves, one another, and the planet itself, leaving us feeling isolated, depleted, anxious, and ashamed.


I believe that transformative healing is both a personal AND a collective process, and that it happens in relationship, which is why I intentionally work to know the people I serve, and why I actively allow the people I serve to know me. 

The pieces of your story that bring you here today are important and wholly deserving of the utmost care, and I do not take your consideration of working with me lightly.


Maybe you are new to seeking professional support, or maybe, like the majority of the people I serve, you are here taking a leap of faith after being failed by too many ill-equipped mental health professionals because you have heard that working with me is entirely different.

Whatever it is that brings you here today, I would love nothing more than the opportunity to connect with you for a free, 30-minute consult so you can see if working with me is right for you. During our time together, I invite you to ask me any questions you might have and to get a feel for what working with me is like. To get started, click here.

"I first began working with Stephi after finally cutting all contact with my mother. I found Stephi through a colleague who was finding huge healing in working with her, and I was desperate for something more than I was receiving from my current therapist. After just one session with Stephi, I knew I had found the support I had been craving all these years. In working with Stephi, my anxiety has disappeared, and my relationships with my body as well as with my partner and my children have shifted in amazing ways. I am truly thankful for Stephi, and I am not exaggerating when I say that she has completely changed my life."

Maya, Chicago


  • Mother-Child Relationships

  • Childhood Abuse/Trauma

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Gentle Parenting

  • No-Contact/Estrangement

  • Conflict Mediation

  • Toxic Family Relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Attachment Trauma

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Adoption/Foster Care

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Family Planning

  • Infertility

  • Pregnancy and Child Loss

  • Financial Abuse

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Chronic/Terminal illness

  • Divorce/Separation

  • And more...


First Steps: After you fill out  this form , I will reach out to you to schedule your free, 15-minute consult with me. This consult is held over video call or by phone, whichever you prefer (text-based accommodation available upon request). This is a time for you to ask me any questions you might have and to get a feel for what working with me is like.


Next Steps: From here, you will get to decide how I can best serve you by selecting which way of working with me is right for you: single sessions, The Deep Dive Program, The Parent/Child Program, The Couple's Program, etc.


Where: Your sessions will be held via video call or by phone (or by text if you need/prefer) from wherever you happen to be. PJs welcome, and shoes are completely optional. I often meet with my clients while they are on their couches, in their offices, in their cars, in their backyards, and even while their babies are napping in carriers on their backs.


How Long:  Each session runs for 1 hour. The whole hour. None of that icky stuff where I call it an hour but kick you out at 50 minutes.

When: What works best for you? To accommodate my clients all around the globe, I offer sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I also offer weekend sessions for clients who find that to be the best time for us to meet together.


Cancellation Policy: I don't have one. If you need to cancel your session with me, please go right ahead and cancel your session. Life happens. I get it. I want you free to live your life without worrying about late fees. We can reschedule your next session at a time that works better for you - no questions asked, no problem at all.


Emergency Support: I do my very best to accommodate requests for emergency sessions. I am typically able to schedule these within 48 hours of request, although usually it is much sooner.



  • 1 60-minute private session via video or phone call*



  • Two complete months of support

  • 8 weekly 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call*

  • Continuous text support between sessions

  • Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group for my clients and patrons


  • Four complete months of support

  • 16 weekly 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call* 

  • 4 20-minute phone calls to be used as needed during our time together*

  • Text support between private sessions

  • Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group for my clients and patrons



  • Two complete months of support

  • Facilitates healing between parents and their adult children/teens

  • 1 60-minute private session via video or phone call with parent*

  • 1 60-minute private session via video or phone call with adult child/teen*

  • 6 weekly 60-minute joint sessions via video or phone call with adult child/teen and parent*

  • Confidential, individual text support between sessions for adult child/teen and parent

  • Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group for my clients and patrons


  • Two complete months of support

  • Specially designed for couples

  • 1 60-minute private session via video or phone call with one partner*

  • 1 60-minute private session via video or phone call with other partner*

  • 6 weekly 60-minute joint sessions via video or phone call with both partners*

  • Confidential, individual text support between sessions for each partner

  • Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group for my clients and patrons

*Text accommodations available by request