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I would love the opportunity to support you at this important time in your work and/or personal healing journey. To get started, please click here.

Areas of Support

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Single Session ~ $195

  • 1 60-minute private session via video or phone call

  • 1-year subscription to my secret, members-only Facebook group

Deep Dive Package ~ $1550

  • 8 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call

  • Text/email support between private sessions

  • Lifetime access to my secret, members-only Facebook group

Immersive Package ~ $3450

  • 20 60-minute private sessions via video or phone call 

  • Text/email support between private sessions

  • Lifetime access to my secret, members-only Facebook group

  • 3 20-minute phone calls to be used as needed during our time together


Parent/Child Package ~ $1850

  • Designed to facilitate healing between parents and adult/teen children

  • 2 60-minute private coaching sessions via video or phone call with adult/teen child

  • 2 60-minute private coaching sessions via video or phone call with parent

  • 5 60-minute joint coaching sessions via video or phone call with adult/teen child and parent

  • Confidential, individual text/email support between private/joint sessions for adult/teen child and parent

  • Lifetime access to my secret, members-only Facebook group for both clients

*Accommodations available by request.

What to Expect

First Steps: After you fill out this awesome form, I will reach out to you to schedule your free 30 - minute consult. This consult is held over video call or by phone, whichever you prefer (accommodations available upon request). This is a great time to ask me any questions you might have and to get a feel for what working with me is like before you commit your time and your resources to working with me.


Next Steps: From here, you will get to decide how I can best serve you - a single session or a multi-session package with between session text-support - instead of posting your questions in a group on Facebook, you can just text me.


Where: Your sessions will be held via video call or phone from wherever you happen to be - PJs welcome, shoes completely optional. I meet with clients while they are in their offices, in their cars, on their couches, in their backyards, and even while their babies are napping down the hall.


How Long: Sessions run for 1 hour. The WHOLE hour. None of that icky stuff where I call it an hour but kick you out early.

When: What works best for you? To accommodate my clients all around the globe, I offer sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening, depending on the individual day. When I meet with clients across the ocean, sometimes one of us is just starting the day or about to head to bed. 


Cancellation Policy: I don't have one. If you need to cancel your session with me, please go right ahead and cancel your session. Life happens. I get it. I want you free to live your life without worrying about me or late fees. We can reschedule your session at a time that works better for you - no questions asked, no problem at all.


Emergency Support: If you purchase a coaching package, I do my very best to accommodate requests for emergency sessions. I am typically able to schedule these within 48 hours of request.